After a year or so working with 'The Electric Toaster' Mr Ranking Roger and Ranking Jnr. BBC 6 MUSIC interviews Roger and plays the title track to da nation... :) A good moment... ;-)

Here is the new free EP...

Havin a break...In the Pod studio with Ska Legend Ranking Roger...

Hydrophonics-01 E.P. June 2012

20 min headphone mix - only on the Soundcloud page

New films - by Dullbedsitblogger

B. Rawcity
A native of Fresno California is a Music
Artist Actor and Beat maker. The former front man
of 40 Watt Hype has released two Mix-tapes titled
"Declaration", and "Post Declaration" and is
currently in the studio working with dopegrinders
on some new shizzle...

B Rawcity Sound Cloud

Ben Z
Ben (Zee, not Zed) Zastrow is a hip hop artist, producer,
and change agent living in Madison, Wisconsin.
A graduate of the university of life and
also the Madison Media Institute Music and
Recording Technology. Check his latest mixtape
and the mind expanding body of work on soundcloud...
Tell us we're wrong!!!!
B Rawcity Sound Cloud

Dopegrinders remix - The Shamen Move any Mountain

Dopegrinders remix - Dodgy - What became of you

Dopegrinders 2012 remix - Dodgy - What became of you.

Dopegrinders remix - Dodgy - What became of you

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